My Diet – “Try & Error” – Either Gain Fat or Lose It!

I love when someone talking/discuss with me about diet. I’m Sooo in ♥ LOVE ♥ with that topic! I know I’m still fat but I’ve tried many methods/ways to lose some weight. Don’t forget, I’ve lost 13kg before in 2 WEEKS ONLY~!!! =D hahaha! Lots of “Try&Error” I’ve tried towards my body within 1 year. And as a conclusion, U may try any ways of dieting, but what most important to lose fat fast is , EXERCISING!! (*^^*)

My weight have been up and down since this past 1 year.. But recently I realize that I’ve really gained my weight back.. So many dieting I tried (but just can’t be the same I tried during my college life) .. High Carbs-Low Protein.. High Protein-Low Carbs, Equal Carbs-Protein, Plus Fat and Cholesterol.. but some are working but then I go back with my habit. Eat Eat Eat! It is bcoz I tend to keep myself in “Starving Mode”. Then the result came. Weight GAINED . To much temptation I’ve to go through here at home.. So, I’ll make sure that this time, I can get it right.. Or I might be MORE FAT/CHUBBY than b4… (=_=”)

p/s:  Before i lost 13kg, My weight was 73kg. then I managed to lose until 60kg. I’ve tried to make it until 59kn but my body was plato during it. maybe I lost so much carbs than fats. Now, I didn’t have a strength to step up on scale! it just a trauma for Me!!! NOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~!!!


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