Secret Big Bang! Secret Garden Parody!

Hello, Fellas espcially V.I.P!! Have U watch ‘Secret Big Bang’? The Secret Garden Parody! My 1st impression while watching it was like this !! I was shock!! i repeat, SHOCK!! Hahahahahahaha!! It’s really crazy,hilarious and funny! Huh! I can’t believe that G-Dragon can wear skirt and blouse? Eventhough He’s Man, but He does looks Sexy! U Don’t believe it?

Oh yeah! ‘She’ is G-Dragon!! hahahaha!! Damn Hot!!

But What mostly that make my eyes wide open and cursing like crazy was when TOP Kisses (yeah kiss with ‘es’ for showing more than 1 KISS!!) Seung Ri and G-Dragon!!! Huarghhhh!! What was that???!! It were a REAL Kisses!! TOP, What The Hell Are You Doing!!????!!


Oh Man!! But there’s nothing I can do to stop them.. Hahhahahaha!! Overall, this parody is fun,enjoy (eventhou it does ‘crack’ my heart), hilarious and Funny!!! Watch it if U do not watch it yet! Have Fun!!

Bye For Now!!


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