Jeles Tgk Org further study??

haaaa… gempak x?? xsangat la kan?? xpe.. aku terdetik nak juga buat post about this bila nmpk kawan tgh sibuk nk cari journal.. Well, aku still lagi terkontang kanting kat rumah ni.. mencari pekerja while my other friends were busy with the college life.. adush.. I’m so jealous reading their status’ at FB .. going there and there.. looking for journal for some research, lab report and bla bla bla.. hahahahhaa.. klu aku adalah student, mesti aku menyampah nak buat lab report.. I hate it!! just hate it! sbb lab report selalu kena marah dgn lecturer.. =(( bcoz i’m not really good with¬†laboratory.. if u are asking for chemistry subject subject, I more hate it!! lalalallalaaaa~ I hope Miss Zarini and all my Chemistry lecturers n teachers won’t read this.. lalalallala…

Continue on my topics.. ermmmm….. it’s annoying for myself to think it.. Jealous??? come on la Fieza.. one day, klu ada rezeki ko, dapat juga sambung study.. It’s my dream baby to study oversea! aku teringing nk melangkah kaki ke Universiti Tokyo atau yg sewaktu dgnnya and Universiti Korea selatan… ak nk merasai semua tu!!!! experience it all!! yeah!!!

Btw, I’m on my way, waiting for this public holiday (CNY ) to end.. because I want to buy ID Pin at BSN for MOHE UPU Form.. I nak continue my study la dear.. I’ve talked with my mom.. If Within this 3 months, I still did not get any offer for job ( to be more specific , Future-Confirm-Job), I will continue my study If I get an offer from any University.. sounds like self-fish huh??? I know that my family aren’t still in good financial, but If there’s no company would like to offer me anything,why should I continue unemployed, rite? and I would like to STRESS here , that I WON’T Do job such

as Sales Assistant.. I had enough with that ,ok? I want to variety my resume, so next time when I update my resume, it’s not a list full with job such as Promoter, Waitress and so on.. In the end, Employer will put me in Sales again.. urghhhh~ Enough is Enough!

Overall, We will see what will Allah put the best for me,Ok? Insyaallah hopefully semuanya memberikan aku kebaikan dan kesejahteraan dunia akhirat!

Folks, That’s all for now! Bye2!


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