What’s Flashing On Fiez?

Hey, finally!! My own personal blog is here!! well, what can u all expect from my blog?? hahahahahahahaha!! unfortunately, i didnt decide yet what ‘genre’ should i create for my new blog..  in the other hand, for information of readers, my blog will be handle in English and Malay language.. 😉

why don’t i start my blog with some introduction for myself,ok?

As u all didn’t know, my name is Noor **fiez*** and i’m 20 years old..huhuhuhu.. i don’t want to admit that.. i’m still a teenager..hahahahaha!! I’m a Diploma holder.. i studied in Applied Science and in Biology course.. still heading for the best in my pointer.. Oh,u asking where am i study?? ok, i’m sure u’ll do a weird face and laughing after knowing my college name.. Unikop College.. it’s weird name, rite?? Nope,it’s not an Police academy.. i’m not a police cadet..hahahahahahaha~

I’m Korean and Japanese fan!! Love all their music especially~!!! Rain , Big Bang , Wonder Girls, Tommy Heavenl6 + February6 is my fav artists~!!! Kiya~

U wanna now more about me?? meet me face to face! hahahahahahaha!! =P  I stop my story here!! But don’t 4get to stay fresh with my blog,ok?? see u later!!


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